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Bouquet Holders

Bouquet Holders

A range of bouquet holders in various shapes. Essential products for flower arranging and to produce professional bridal bouquets.

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Flower Foam

Flower Foam

A large range of flower foam in various shapes and sizes from the everyday block of flower foam to the more unusual mini deco. An essential range of products for flower arranging and floral art.

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Florist foam comes in many shapes and sizes. From floral foam spheres for making topiary trees, to the common florist foam in the form of blocks.

It is cheaper to buy florist foam by the box. If it is not shown please contact us.

Our florist foam is produced by either Smithers Oasis or Val Spicer. Both leading producers of florist accessories and foam.

For help on floral foam, please contact us.

All of the range of florist foam shown on the site is stocked. Other flower foam may take a week to get.

The most common use for flower foam at weddings is for table top flower arrangements. With fresh flowers it will mean complex floral arrangements can be produced and the flower foam will keep the flowers as fresh in the flower foam as if in a vase flower arrangement. Flowers can be adjusted in the floral foam to get the desired effect. Do not take the flowers in and out of the flower foam. This can weaken the floral foam making it unstable.

If you want to make a floral arrangement to be placed on your best oak table it can be done. However either use a plastic flower foam base product or a water tight container the flower foam will sit in.

A few simple steps when using florist flower foam

Cut the flower foam to fit the flower container. Leave the floral foam about 1/2" proud of the top; this will help the final appearance.

Soak your floral foam in a bucket and allow it to sink naturally. The flower foam should be completely sodden before use.

Use either anchor tape, florist wire or a flower frog to hold it in place.It is then ready to take your flowers.

Do not forget to keep flower foam wet. This will keep your flower arrangement fresh the maximum time.

To find find out more about florist foam, flower arranging and the range of floral accessories available please visit our Flower Arrangers Information Page

If you are a flower club and able to buy in quantity please contact us for quantity discounts on our full range of floral products.

Oasis is a trade name of Smithers Oasis . The best known producer of Oasis florist foam.

If you have a query regarding flower foam, please ASK A QUESTION.

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