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During the ordering process, and when in contact with us, we will ask you for your telephone number, postal or email address etc. This is essential information to help process your order efficiently. We will never give this information out to other companies or individuals without your approval.

For added security of your personnal data this is always held and transmitted on a secure server.

Carnmeal Cottage operates within the guidelines set out by the UK Data Protection Act (1998)


We use the following cookies on our website. None of them contain any personal data and are only used where necessary to provide functionality.

Cookie NameValueUsage
memberIDNumericSet when you login to our website to identify the account you are logged into.
strLoginIDAlphanumericSet when you log into the website as an authorisation token.
currencyNumericUsed to save the currency you select to view our prices in.
carnmealview'normal', 'brief' or 'gallery'Used to save the layout of products you chose in our category pages
cookies1 or blankUsed to remember whether we have prompted you about cookies or not.
ASPSESSSIONAlphanumericA number of cookies whose names start with ASPSESSION are created automatically by our server. These enable us to store non personal information such as your shopping cart contents for the duration of your visit to our site - these are removed automatically when you close your browser.

Additionally we use Google Analytics which uses cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about visitors to our website, which in turn we use to improve the service we provide. However, Google Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about you. Read more information about Google Analytics cookies. You can also opt-out from Google Analytics completely in some browsers.

If you don't want us to use any of these cookies, please refer to the settings in your browser to block them, but please note that parts of our site won't function properly if you do.

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We use a small number of cookies on our site to enable functionality including Google Analytics. By continuing use of our website you consent to their use.

No cookies contain any personal information and are neccesary for the use of our site.

See our Privacy Policy for more information.