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Below are a list of commonly asked questions about how to use our site and how our order process works

For helps and tips on how to make best use of our products as well as general wedding advice see our helps and tips section.

If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please contact us and will we do our best to help you.

TopCan anybody buy from us ?

Yes. The prices shown are available to all. Trade prices are available to trade customers but only after registering. Details regarding registering can be found via our home page or contact us.

TopDo I pay online?

We provide a Secure Server where you can make payments online using Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo or JCB cards. However you are more than welcome to contact us direct if you prefer to pay by alternative methods.

No charges are taken until your order is ready

TopDo I have to register?

There is no need to register. You are free to browse the shop and place orders without registering. However the site has many advanced features that are only available to registered customers...

TopHow can I add to an existing order ?

If the order has already been placed you are not able to add to it yourself. We can however do this for you. Drop us an email or phone us. If you do have more than one order in the system we will add them together so that you only get one delivery charge.

TopAre items in stock ?

We try to stock all items for immediate dispatch if wanted urgently. Sometimes items are out of stock for a short period, usually only days. When we process your order, if anything is not in stock you will be notified by email.

TopHow do I search for products?

If you wish to search for a product that you know the name or quickfind code for, Navigate to products, Enter your search phrase in the box at the bottom of the page, select either "Quick Find Code" or "Description" and click Search

TopCan I change how many products are displayed on each page?

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may wish to change how many products are displayed on a page, to speed up your browsing experience. You can specify this in your My Account. Simply change the value in the drop down box for "Products Per Page"

(Registered customers only)

TopWhat is My Account?

The main function of My Account is to keep track of your quotes, orders and receipts, you can also change your account details including your password, billing address, delivery address and the number of products displayed on each page

(Registered customers only)

TopWhat is the My Catalogue?

My Catalogue is a list of products compiled by you. As you browse round the shop you can add products to your catalogue so that you can find them quicker on your next visit.

To add a product to your catalogue: When you find a product you want to add, click the "Add to Catalogue" button on the product details page

To view your catalogue: Click the "My Catalogue" on the Menu or select "My Catalogue" from the jump to box on the catagory pages

(Registered customers only)

TopHow do I change my Password?

To change your password, navigate to My Account. Click "Edit" next to "Account Password" In the three boxes that appear, enter you old password, your new password and repeat your new password. Click "Save" and your password will be verified and updated

(Registered customers only)

TopHow do I change my Billing/Contact address?

To change your billing address / contact address please navigate to My Account Click "Edit" next to "Contact Details" edit your details and click "Save". Changing your address will not affect any previously submitted orders. If you wish to change these, you must contact us directly. (Registered customers only)

TopCan I specify a seperate delivery address/how do i change it?

Currently only Trade customers can specify a seperate delivery address. Retail Customers please contact us. Trade Customers: Navigate to My Account Click "Edit" next to "Delivery Address" fill in the form and click "Save" you will also be given the oppotunity to enter a delivery address when you submit your order. Changing your address will not affect any previously submitted orders. If you wish to change these, you must contact us directly.

(Trade customers only)

TopMy browser doesn't support the required 128bit encryption for the credit/debit card server. What should I do?

The 128bit encryption we use to process credit/debit card orders is standard with all creditable e-commerce sites.

However Some older browers don't support 128bit encryption, if yours doesn't we recommend you update it from the relevent site. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera

Users of Internet Explorer 5 can download this patch from microsoft.

TopEverytime i go back to my cart, its empty. Whats wrong?

In order for our website to remeber who you are, we need to place a cookie on your computer.

A cookie is a small text file, that holds a unique reference number that identifies you to us. This number is unique to us and contains no personal information.

Sometimes people disable cookies after hearing mis-leading reports over the security of cookies. However for our site to work you will need to enable cookies.

Please refer to the help file within your browser if you are unsure how to do this.

TopI've logged in, but the site has forgotten me - Whats Wrong?

You need to have cookies enabled, please see the FAQ above for more infomation.

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