More Help with Florist and Craft Wire.

Florist and craft wire comes in a large range of styles and types for all floral and craft applications.

Florist Wire Green

It is supplied in three forms :

Stub Wire – Cut lengths usually in bulk packs of 2.5 kilos or 1 Kilo. This can be in either Blue Annealed Wire, Green Coated Wire or Rose Wire. Usually only the thin gauged wire (Rose Wire) is in 1 kilos. Supplied in a selection of lengths from 7inch to 14inch. Use the cheaper blue annealed wire where appearance is not important. It is not in fact blue , this relates to the annealing process which softens the wire. It is brown or black.

Retail Packs. Stub wire in small retail packs. Ideal when only a small quantity of wire is required or for resale.

Reel Wire - Usually thinner gauge wire supplied on reels. Like Stub Wire available in Blue Annealed , Green and Rose.

Florist wire conversion table.

The general rule to remember with florist and craft wire is the higher the gauge the finer the wire and the finer the wire the more delicate and flexible the wire will be.

    18 Gauge - 1.25mm Thick
    19 Gauge - 1.00mm Thick
    22 Gauge – 0.71mm Thick
    24 Gauge – 0.56mm Thick
    26 Gauge – 0.46mm Thick
    28 Gauge – 0.38mm Thick
    30 Gauge – 0.32mm Thick
    32 Gauge – 0.29mm Thick

18 Gauge wire is available in pre cut lengths ( Stub wire ) and on the roll ( Reel Wire ) is the strongest florist wire available, although it is a strong wire it can be moved and shaped . 18 gauge wire is generally used for more robust wiring work for instance Christmas Wreaths . This is not a galvanised wire so is more prone to rust after long periods of time.

19 Gauge wire is still a strong wire but slightly easier to move and shape that the 18 gauge wire. Generally this is not a galvanised wire so is more prone to rust after long periods of time.

20 Gauge wire is a flexible wire that will hold its shape very well and is quite easy to bend and is used for wiring work usually with the more harder stemmed flowers. This is not a galvanised wire so is more prone to rust after long periods of time.

22 Gauge wire is the most flexible of the basic florist.


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