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There are so many corsage designs which can be created using products from our site, see below for a list of all the designs we have created and below that for pictures and links to each product used in creating those corsages. At the bottom of those we have listed some information and a few pictures of our pre-made corsages if you would like something already put together for you.

Orchid Ivy Corsage

This corsage has been created using just a few simple products to create a beautiful piece with a funky, modern twist.


All the products used can be found on our website, see below for products and links:

The flowers used are our parchment orchids.

These flowers are complimented by our 8mm iridescent beads.

The foliage used is our Ivy garland, the leaves from which have been stripped and wire would have been attached by wrapping a green parafilm tape around to create a pick.

The parafilm tape has been used to join all the items together neatly.

The silver ribbon used is our Stockholm ribbon.

Bullion wire has been used to wrap around the base to give the silvery finish.

Our corsage pins, clips or magnets can then be used to attatch to clothing.

Lily Of The Valley Corsage

This simple but effective corasge is made from just a few products from our range.

See below for product details and links.

lilley valley corsage

The flowers and large leaves are from our lilly of the valley product.

The smaller leaves are Satin rose leaves.

You can find our pearl teardrop on gold wire intertwined with the flowers.

Our 3mm white satin ribbon has been used to tie the bow around the flowers.

Lastly, green parafilm tape has been used to combine all the products together.

Our corsage pins, clips or magnets can then be used to attatch to clothing.

Mini Rose and Bead Corsage

This stylish corsage is created by putting several of our products together in a simple yet effective way.

The products used can all be found on our website, or via the links below:

rose bead corsage

The flowers are our tini paper rose buds

Our burgundy crystal picks have been used to compliment the flowers with their deep red and gold stems.

Green Ivy leaves have been used as a back drop.

Green parafilm tape has been used to bind the products.

All this has been finished off with a bow made from our 7mm chiffon ribbon.

We have a selection of pins, magnets and clips which can be used to attatch the corsage.


Cala Lily Wist Corsage

A classy corsage designed to go around the wrist.

This corsage has been created using ther following items:

burg cor

Burgundy and Diamante Corsage.

This corsage was created using just a few well chosen products from our range.

All products used are listed below:

Pearl Wrist Corsage

This sparkling corsage has been created using just a pearl wristlet, and a hair comb, with the comb part twisted to add to the star shape.


Handbag Corsage

This corsage is designed to attatch to your handbag using strong magnets and is ideal if you prefer the more understated look, or if you have a flimsy dress which you don't want to weigh down with a heafty corsage.

See below for a list of the products used:

Gold Corsage

This design has been created simply in gold for an elegant corsage design.

The products listed below are the items used:

Crystal Wristlet


This design has been created using several different floral picks to form this traditional wrist corsgage.

The items used are as follows:

Aluminium Orchid Corsage


This modern design has been created using a variety of chosen products from our own range.

All products used have been listed below:

Aluminium Rose Wrist Corsage


This modern design has been created simply to add elegance to your chosen outfit.

All products used are from our rages and are listed below:

bead orch corsage

Bead Orchid Buttonhole

This modern buttonhole has been created with just a few well chosen products from our ranges.

See below for a list of all the items used:

pink orch

Pink rose Corsage

This pretty corsage has been created with several floral products and finished off with the matching ribbon.

See below for links to all items used to create this corsage:

yel cor

Sunflower Magnet Corsage

This small sunflower corsage has been created in a simple, colourfull style, ideal for the natural themed weddings.

See below for links to all tehn products used in its creation:

Our corsages

As you will see on our website there are pre-made corsages which can be purchased ready to just pin on if you prefer something simpler and more time effective these corsages are best for you. These items come in a range of sizes, colours and pricing.


The most cost effective and popular of our corsages is our rosebud corsage a simple and fairly small corsage design. After this the organza open rose corsage is a lovely alternative. After this we have the magnolia corsage and the star rose corsage.

We do stock a few high quality corsages as well such as our grand peony corsage or the christy rose corsage. These are lovely alternatives to real flowers and really stand out.


See our corsage product selection.

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